40A Mobile Charging Cable Kit

Our portable charging cable kit comes with two adapters and is designed to be a convenient charging solution for your home or when you travel. Use the included NEMA 14-50 adapter (40amp, 240v) to get an estimated range of up to 40 miles per hour, or the NEMA 5-15 adapter (12amp, 120v) to get an estimated range of up to 3 miles per hour.  This updated 2nd generation 40A charging cable is V2V capable for use with the Lucid RangeXchange Charging Adapter.


  • Storage bag that fits perfectly in the trunk wheel well
  • Mobile connector with 20 foot cable
  • NEMA 5-15 adapter for standard household outlets
  • NEMA 14-50 adapter for 240V outlet


* RangeXchange Charging Adapter requires a V2V capable Lucid 40A Mobile Charging Cable.  Cables supplied with Lucid Air MY 22-24 are not V2V capable, this updated 2nd generation cable is required.